What Medical Professionals, Patients, and Caregivers have to say about this ground-breaking book

“An easy read. Loaded with both practical and professional advice for both the patient/person on the journey to “normal” heart functioning and for their partner on the journey. The charts and reminders which can be used to assist in the process will be extremely helpful for those willing to actually be an active participant in…


“A really necessary book. So much of the information was new to me, which actually works out well for a first-time reader. Loved all the graphics and charts!”


“I loved your Collaboration and Teamwork Diagram. I think that anyone facing what you did can use this to immediately think of the big picture for recovery and that the problem needs to be addressed from many angles.”

Dr. Vladimir Markovic, MD, Chief Medical Officer

“This book is about the life of a couple whose world was upended by a serious medical diagnosis but persevered past their personal struggles to achieve better health and greater enlightenment in their lives.”

Healthcare Executive

“You took the complex and made it simple.”

Retha V. Wellons, PhD, MSN, RN

“Congratulations to you and your wife for successful outcomes. It’s a great description of teamwork among you, your wife, and medical team.”

Triple bypass surgery, 5 years ago

“I liked the “power of the mind” information, for me it is as important as medicine. “…an enjoyable book about such a scary subject! Very readable.  You communicated the journey, ups and downs, while keeping a positive outlook. I liked how “personal” the book was – its style allowed me to really relate to you.…

Heart attack 10 years ago

“This book does an excellent job of making sense of the challenges which comes from dealing with heart disease.  It’s a must-read for those with heart problems, their families, and medical practitioners.  I experienced a myocardial infarction (heart attack) at the ripe old age of 42 followed by 2 stents.”

Heart patient with atrial fibrillation

“After reviewing your book during the exact time I was diagnosed with a cardiac condition, I was able to bypass despair and move into a mindset of possibilities and not limitations.  It allowed me not to envision myself as a bystander but having control in managing my new health situation.  I saw an opportunity for…

Healthcare Executive

“This poignant story shares one couple’s journey and carves a clear path for others to follow.  Extremely practical, it may help save lives, empower care partners, and ease the transition to new ways of living with heart disease.  The importance of a supportive care partner cannot be underestimated, and Ruth Ann is a role model…