Frequently Asked Questions
How This Book Can Help You
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I am a new caregiver for a heart patient. How will your book help me?

The book provides a plan you can apply to help both you and your patient deal with the “overwhelming” requirements that come with heart issues.

I am a new heart patient. How will your book help me?

The book lays out a plan you can incorporate into your daily life.
It includes:

    • fulfilling your new lifestyle needs
    • changing old habits plus developing new habits through self-talk and visualization techniques
    • tracking daily: sodium, weight, BP, fluid intake, exercise, medications
    • setting new goals for yourself

My significant heart issue was several years ago. How will your book help me?

This book will help you identify:

    • where you are in your recovery today (attitude, commitment, feelings, and motivation)
      new goals for areas of improvement
    • how you can use positive self-talk and visualization to change old habits while creating new ones
    • foods you want to eat, and in “what amounts” to meet your daily sodium limits while maintaining a healthy diet
    • occasional treats you can fit into your food requirements.
    • simple tracking methods for daily sodium intake, medications, BP, exercise, weight, and water consumption
    • if you are making the “best choices” for yourself and your recovery

What if I don’t have a caregiver?

First, we always recommend you discuss your situation with your cardiac team. Since this situation can have a direct effect on your recovery, they should be your first and best source. Too, they may have information on where to get help until you are well enough to take over. Then, he information in the book can help you make a “daily plan” covering sodium in meals, weight, medications, BP readings, exercise, fluid intake, monitoring implanted devices, if applicable, and medical appointments.

What do you mean by “Power of the Mind”?

The book explains this is a term used to describe a suite of education, tools, techniques, and skills that can be used to create a high-performance mindset and well-being.

Does the book teach me about Self-Talk and Mental Visualization?

Yes, the book explains positive self-talk vs. negative self-talk, how it affects your well-being, plus how to change the pictures in your mind.

How do I advocate for my sick partner?

The book discusses advocating and gives ideas you can use with your partner, hospitals, doctors, technicians, and your cardiac team.

Can the book help me make better decisions for myself?

Yes,! This book helps you “apply” new information which in turn allows you to make better and more “conscious decisions” (means you have considered all options, have weighed the risks and benefits, and have made deliberate choices) for yourself.