Our book is the story of Henry’s successful cardiac recovery and how he achieved well-being by using “Power of the Mind” techniques to build new habits and enjoy low-sodium eating.

Over time, he increased his ability and motivation to take on more responsibility for his recovery and well-being.  Up until that point, his wife (caregiver) “did it all.”  The book is written in the style of friends having a talk, which allows them to communicate their agreements and different points of view.

This book is unique because it tells our story from two points of view … learning, adjusting, doing new things, developing new habits, making conscious decisions on a daily basis, and building resiliency, all while getting healthy and maintaining a marriage relationship. And yes, there were struggles to overcome! We are doing what the doctors and nurses have told us to do and it has certainly paid off in recovery and good health.

Acceptance and Being Grateful
The Hospital Experience
The Sodium Story
Urgent Care Visits
Power of the Mind
Collaboration and Accountability
Returning Home
Tests and Results
Resetting Goals
This book helps you implement lifestyle changes for a successful recovery
Learn about the journey, the lessons empowering both patients and care-givers
Common questions and answers related to a recovery of a cardiac event

“This poignant story shares one couple’s journey and carves a clear path for others to follow.  Extremely practical, it may help save lives, empower care partners, and ease the transition to new ways of living with heart disease.  The importance of a supportive care partner cannot be underestimated, and Ruth Ann is a role model for us all.”

Lorrie Erusha, MOL, CFRE, President, Mercy Medical Center Foundation, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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